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The company


The company

fyrSpråkas AB was established by Vera Andréason in 1994. The office is at Neglinge Center, a business centre located in an attractive setting on the edge of the Stockholm archipelago.

Språkas offers language services in a range of different industries and specialist areas. Translations from Swedish and English to German are handled in-house. Where other languages and/or language combinations are required, we collaborate with qualified professional translators, who translate exclusively into their mother tongue.

One of our specialties is the translation of advertising, PR materials and technical customer and in-house magazines. This type of content places stringent demands on sensitivity to language and style, as well as to the market’s parlance and culture. A profound understanding of the terminology particular to a specific sector is the key to good translation.

What can Språkas do for you?

  • Translation
  • Language checks
  • Market adaptation/ editing of texts
  • Proofreading

Our areas of expertise

  • Heavy engineering
  • Railway technology
  • Building construction
  • Rubber industry
  • Paper industry
  • Advertising, PR
  • Contracts
  • Finance

Our specialities

  • Customer/in-house magazines
  • Brochures, PR materials
  • Technical descriptions and specifications
  • Corporate and product presentations
  • Contracts
  • Annual reports