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7050693Need something translated? Språkas AB will be pleased to quote a price and delivery date, after careful assessment of the source text. Some points worth considering when planning your project:

  • What type of language service is required? Translation, a language check/editing or something else?
  • Translation to one or several languages?
  • Who is it for? Can you define your target group?
  • Who should Språkas contact in your company/organisation in conjunction with this assignment? Can you provide access to specialists/experts who can advise on specific terminology?
  • Do you have reference material or other translated material related to the same field?
  • What is your delivery deadline?

Språkas AB

Neglinge Center

Vikingavägen 17 D

133 33 Saltsjöbaden

Tel.: +46(0)8 717 40 53

Mobil: +46(0)70 587 40 53